This water slide is one of Caleb’s favorite summer water slide rentals in NJ, and he is not afraid to tell you why. He loves the way it looks like a real-life tropical waterfall, and when you slide down it’sSummer Breeze Water Slide Rental like adventuring through the jungle. When he climbs up the steps to reach the top, it’s like he is an explorer traveling the world. And when he slides down he pretends he is parachuting from a plane, landing safely in the tropical paradise below. He enjoys this slide when it is both dry and wet, but he thinks it’s the best when it’s dry. That way he can climb up easily and slide down fast. The colorful palm trees and rainbow arches are one of his favorite parts about this slide. As well as the pool at the bottom which can be filled up with water so he can swim too! In Caleb’s mind, no birthday party is complete without this inflatable.

If you agree with Caleb and want to rent this inflatable slide for your next birthday party or event, be sure to visit our water slide page for more details.